After the successful betas in late March, Diablo 4 has another beta weekend that'll be in mid-May 2023 before the full release in June.

In June 2023, Diablo 4 is going to be released for almost all the current generation consoles as well as for PC. But before it may do that, Blizzard has decided to possess a second round from the beta within the upcoming weeks. This event, known as the Server Slam Weekend, is going to be in May. Not only will this new beta have some of the changes requested through the community in the previous two beta weekends, but it will also have more possibilities to take on the planet boss named Ashava the Pestilent. There will also be some unique only accessible if players cope with specific content before the beta has ended.

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When may be the Server Slam Beta Weekend for Diablo 4?

The Diablo 4 Server Slam weekend is from the 12th to the 14th of May 2023. It will begin on May 12th at noon PDT and end on May 14 at noon PDT. Since the beta is quite large and can take some time to download, Blizzard can make early downloads available beginning May 10 at noon PDT. This open beta weekend is going to be available for everyone, whether they have preordered the sport or not.

Ashava World Boss Times for Server Slam Weekend in Diablo 4

Ashava is going to be available again for players to undertake, but only during very particular times. Unlike the prior beta weekends, the Server Slam will offer you more spawns than simply four times on Sunday. Ashava's first spawn is going to be May 13 at 9 am PDT, spawning every three hours until her final spawn at 9 am PDT on May 14.

This can give players loads of additional time to take down this poisonous pet of Diablo 4's Lilith. And, if players do have the ability to complete the battle against Ashava a few days ago, they will be rewarded with having a Server Slam unique once the full game launches in June.

Diablo 4 Uniques From Server Slam Weekend

Much like the prior weekends, Diablo 4 players are going to be able to earn unique titles to take part in the beta. There was three stuff that could be gotten within the last two beta weekends, and there's one new item readily available for May.

Initial Casualty Title: Reach Kyovashad.

Early Voyager Title: Hit Level 20.

Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item: Hit Level 20.

Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy: This cosmetic is new for Server Slam weekend, and players can earn it by downing Ashava before it has ended.

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