Have you ever considered becoming an escort? It is something that many women this year have decided to do and many claim that it has changed their lives from head to toe. Much of the population does not consider this option because of their own prejudices that are maintained by old thoughts of society, but little by little the taboo is decreasing and we are clear about one thing: Sex and companionship, are things that we enjoy and we can get through money. 

Entering a London Escort Agency is as easy as getting any kind of job, you just have to be qualified and meet certain characteristics to make it easy. It's not like they paint it in the movies, with weird addictions and sexual paraphilias, most of the time it's a simple and even satisfying job as you receive various kinds of benefits from your clients. 

If you are here, it's because you have already considered this option and want to know how, when, and where you could dabble as a London escort. And because we are generous, we will explain step by step everything you need to know. 

Am I ready to be an escort?

Although it is a fairly simple job that does not demand too much effort, you have to consider it well if you want to venture into this world. You need great willpower to ignore comments from people who are not so open-minded towards this type of work. However, you can keep it a secret for as long as you need to get used to it. 

There is no kind of test to confirm that you are ready to be an escort, you just need to decide for yourself and have a willingness about the different topics you can discuss with your clients. The positive thing about Elite London Escort Agencies is that you have the option to decide what types of services you are going to provide and what you are definitely not willing to do. 

What does an escort do?

This is a very controversial topic that often depends on the agency and the place where you are, among other factors. But in general, being an escort is being a companion lady. Sometimes you don't necessarily need to offer sex or any kind of erotic service, and sometimes you do. You decide and set your limits in this regard, you just have to choose the agency where you will enter to avoid confusion. 

They usually accompany clients to different kinds of places, whether they are public events, concerts, dinners, etc. And sometimes they only offer sexual services for a certain period of time. There are different types of requests, but you don't necessarily have to accept them all. 

How much money will I make?

We know you're excited to know how much this job will pay you. But we can't really tell you an estimate, what we should make clear is that you should try to join real quality agencies that are not going to offer you cheap and irresponsible clients that can put you in danger. For example, at theoryloveescort.com we tend to prioritize our models and make sure we have a reliable client for them. 


Overall, your earnings depend on many variables:

Your city:

Clearly, there is a big difference between being an escort for some people from a growing city, compared to London escorts who earn a very good amount of money for their clients who are mostly tourists.

Your appearance:

Don't be discouraged, remember that we all have different tastes and definitions of beauty, so you will always have clients as long as you look clean and groomed. Beauty does not come from a standard, but from how neat your image is. 

Your available time:

Clearly, you won't get the same percentage as an escort who works 9 hours a day. But although you don't have to expose yourself to a large number of clients on a daily basis, you should put some desire into it, especially if you are new to an agency. 

Your services:

You must be clear about your limits and know that you don't have to fulfill everything if you don't feel comfortable, but there are always specific services that bring many more clients like fellatios. So you decide which ones are easier for you to do and include them in your cover letter when you join a London Escort Agency. 

Is it safe to be an escort?

At theoryloveescort.com we are very selective with the clients we give our escorts, and you should make sure that the company you join prioritizes client screening to allow the escort to be safe while providing the service. 

It is very rare that a violent or very strange client arrives, although most of the time this is noticed from the beginning of the interview so they are immediately discarded. Each agency has its own way of making the escort's appointment safe, so you shouldn't worry too much. However, what can be slightly worrying are the diseases that you can get during the sexual act with one of the clients. 

It is always requested that London escorts do not accept sex without a condom for any reason in order to avoid the proliferation of venereal diseases. You should have an exam every now and then to make sure that everything is in order and warn if a client suggests too much this practice to the agency. 

Oral sex is up to you, although we still recommend the use of a condom. Remember that venereal diseases cannot be removed, only controlled, and some are really serious, so you should not expose yourself just to earn extra money. The job is safe until you decide to do the wrong thing and take the risk. 

It is important to be alert and attentive to obvious marks such as pimples or some kind of irritation in the mouth of your client, when you find something that worries you do not give the service with kisses or do not accept oral for you if you find him in his genitals with the greatest possible tact deny the service. In spite of not being something constant, it is never bad to check because you do not know when it could happen to you. 


In summary, there are risks, as in all the activities you do every day, but it is perfectly possible to avoid the risks, it is only important and necessary to be always alert and have the necessary tools.