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The CIMA P3 exam is designed for professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in risk management or are already working in the field. The exam is also suitable for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in risk management. The certification is ideal for professionals working in finance, accounting, and project management, as well as those in senior management roles. The CIMA P3 certification provides an opportunity for professionals to advance their careers and stand out in the competitive job market.

The CIMA P3 exam is a must for professionals who are looking to acquire skills and knowledge in risk management. As the world becomes more complex, businesses are exposed to a range of risks which can be effectively managed through this course. CIMA P3 certification is recognized globally and provides professionals with an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in risk management, making them valuable assets to any organization.

The importance of risk management cannot be overstated in today's business environment. Organizations face a wide range of risks, from financial and operational risks to strategic and reputational risks. Effective risk management is essential for businesses to succeed, and the CIMA P3 exam is designed to ensure that candidates have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage risks effectively. By passing this exam, candidates demonstrate their ability to contribute to the success of their organization by identifying and mitigating risks that could impact its performance.

CIMA Risk Management Sample Questions (Q217-Q222):

H is a senior production manager for P Ltd which is about to make a strategic decision on setting up a new production line requiring $3 million of new specialist equipment.
H's daughter is friends with and goes to school with the daughter of T, the sales manager in KK Ltd. KK Ltd is a potential supplier of the specialist equipment that P Ltd requires.
T owns a holiday home. H's daughter regularly accompanies T's daughter on family vacations at this holiday home, all at T's expense.
H is the only person working for P Ltd who is qualified to select the specialist equipment. KK Ltd will definitely bid for the sale.
What should H do?

  • A. H should declare an interest and withdraw from the assessment process.
  • B. H should permit KK Ltd to bid, but should insist that T should not be involved.
  • C. H should declare an interest, giving details of his daughter's friendship with T's daughter, but should participate fully in the assessment process.
  • D. H should exclude KK Ltd from the bidding process.

Answer: C

Company A's gross profit percentage has fallen from 70% to 61 % Which of the following possible explanations would most concern the internal auditors?

  • A. During the year the raw material price increased due to an international shortage of the material
  • B. There had been an omission of several items from the inventory records
  • C. During the year direct wages had been misclassified as indirect manufacturing expenses
  • D. The sales director decided to reduce the selling price to increase the market share

Answer: B

GHY is a listed company. Tom is GHY's CEO and Peter is its non-executive Chair of the Board. Tom and Peter both have substantial relevant business and industrial experience and both are believed to have considerable integrity. Tom and Peter quickly developed a good working relationship after Peter's appointment. They have become close friends.
Tom briefs Peter on every aspect of the business. Tom and Peter jointly agree the agenda for every board meeting and both agree on the manner in which matters will be presented to the board.
Taking account of the principles of good corporate governance, which of the following statements is correct?

  • A. The relationship between Peter and Tom may have a detrimental effect on company decision making as the Board is not always being informed about matters in an unbiased manner.
  • B. Non-contentious board meetings show how well Tom and Peter are running the company and shows that the management is cohesive.
  • C. Since the non-executive chair clearly has a significant role within this company there is little danger that any individual will become excessively dominant.
  • D. It is entirely appropriate that Tom and Peter have this kind of relationship and both are acting in the best interests of the company.

Answer: A

C is a large international supermarket chain. It has many thousands of suppliers and many thousands of potential suppliers competing for shelf space m its supermarkets.
Which of the following provisions would be appropriate for C to include m its ethical code in relation to its suppliers?
Select ALL that apply

  • A. C shall not use its buying power unscrupulously.
  • B. C shall keep confidential all information received from suppliers and potential suppliers
  • C. C shall endeavour to take as high a percentage of each supplier's output as possible
  • D. C shall endeavour to adhere to the terms of its contracts with its suppliers at all times
  • E. Cshall continuously remind suppliers that it always has several alternative suppliers to choose from.
  • F. C shall insist on an exclusivity agreement with each supplier so that identical products are not available from other outlets

Answer: A,B,D

Which of the following summarises Purchasing Power Parity Theory (PPPT)?

  • A. Government intervention cannot affect the inevitable rise or fall of its currency in the short-term.
  • B. The difference between the spot and the forward exchange rates is equal to the differential between the inflation rates in the two countries.
  • C. The difference between the interest rates in the two countries is equal to the differential between the spot and the forward exchange rate for the currency in the two countries.
  • D. PPPT predicts that the country with the lower inflation rate will see the currency devalue accordingly.

Answer: B


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