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The CBAP Certification Exam covers a wide range of topics related to business analysis, including requirements analysis and design, enterprise analysis, business process modeling, and stakeholder management. The exam is intended for individuals who have at least five years of experience in business analysis and who have a deep understanding of the principles and practices of the profession. The exam is also designed to test the ability of candidates to apply their knowledge in real-world situations, and to make sound judgments and recommendations based on their analysis.

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IIBA Cetified business analysis professional (CBAP) appliaction Sample Questions (Q358-Q363):

What type of requirements elicitation technique is the Delphi Technique?

  • A. Prototyping
  • B. Survey
  • C. Workshop
  • D. Round table

Answer: B

Which of the following establishes organizational checks and balances with a proper segregation of front, back, and middle office functions for effective risk management?

  • A. Risk governance
  • B. Risk response plan
  • C. Risk management plan
  • D. Risk analysis

Answer: A

A business analyst (BA) has a meeting next week with the project sponsor to ensure that the requirements align with the objective of the project. Pnor to the meeting, the BA must ensure that the requirements are:

  • A. correct, capable, and strategic
  • B. parametric, analogous, and decomposed
  • C. predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive
  • D. atomic, feasible and testable

Answer: D

You are the business analyst for the NGQ Company. Management is concerned that their company is not able to meet an identified business need with their current existing structure, people, processes and technology. They've asked you to complete an analysis of their organization's ability to meet the identified business need. What business analysis process are you completing for your organization?

  • A. Assessing the capability gaps
  • B. Requirements elicitation
  • C. Verifying the requirements
  • D. Determining the solution approach

Answer: A

A business unit of a transnational manufacturer wants to implement a robust process for addressing integrity- critical equipment deterioration incidents. Timely and complete resolution of such incidents is vital for the business unit's continuous safe and profitable operation. Treating each incident involves many employees from different departments extensively collaborating and exchanging information. That information is spread across multiple systems having their access limited to particular user groups. With the current manual process, some incidents get forgotten and remain unresolved for years.
The project's Sponsor is an Equipment Integrity and Reliability Advisor, who moved into this position from another business unit. That business unit implemented a proprietary application to integrate the information and to assist in tracking and managing the incidents. Having a positive experience with the application, the Sponsor is suggesting to customize it and reuse in the new business unit.
The business unit's Enterprise Architect (EA), who is responsible for assessing solution options and presenting them to executive decision makers, has a few concerns with adopting the existing application. The application uses point-to-point interfaces with other data sources whereas the business unit's target architecture relies on a data warehouse-based integration. Moreover, the two business units use different legacy systems, as well as different front-end implementation technologies. Additionally, the existing application is monolingual, while the business unit needs user interfaces and some data to be presented in two languages. With all of this, it may be easier to build a new application from scratch than to customize the existing one. To understand which option is better, the EA asks a business analyst (BA) to define business requirements.
With the team ready to consider design options, they are reviewing the following requirement: "Appropriate stakeholders shall be timely and reliably notified on incident-related events." What quality criteria does this requirement fail to satisfy?

  • A. Atomic
  • B. Consistent
  • C. Complete
  • D. Understandable

Answer: B



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