With a cross-platform framework, Xamarin is a popular choice for every developer. But, still, it has some limitations with advantages. Know the advantage and disadvantages of the Xamarin framework for the mobile app development process.

In Today’s time creating a mobile application on both major platforms Android and iOS becomes a challenging task and it takes much time and money for developing a native application. However, some cross-platforms offer development, but in all of this, Xamarin is the most favorable cross-platform among all of them that offers application development, saving time and money.


What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a cross-platform framework for mobile application that develops Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications in a single language. Xamarin is a popular cross-platform for mobile app development within the Microsoft ecosystems.


However, Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned product but still, it faces some challenges in developing a mobile application here we know about its pros and cons which can help to build a mobile app.


Pros of Xamarin

1. One code for everyone

Xamarin work on C# and .net structure and the main code structure can be shared between different platforms mostly relay on the way the code is distributed among the core and user interface. Xamarin allows developers to reusable code that works on a different platform similar.


2. Native performance

Xamarin offers performance metrics that basically look near native applications. Xamarin allows developers to create flawless experiences using platform-specified UI. It also allows the building of cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with Xamarin.Forms tool which transfers app UI into the platform-specific interface at runtime.


3. Support

Xamarin provides native-like app functionality that handles all hardware compatibility issues using plugins and specific APIs. Also with help of platform-specific APIs Xamarin support linking with native libraries.


4. Open-source

Xamarin SDK, combine with runtime, libraries, and command line tools, has become open-source and accessible for all with an MIT license as a part of Visual Studio.


5. Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin helps to build mobile apps using Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android for both platforms specifically. While Xamarin.Forms is more advanced which allows for fast prototyping or developing apps with less platform-specific functionality.

Cons of Xamarin

1. Delayed support

It is unfeasible for third-party tools to offer quick support for the latest version of iOS and Android published as it takes some time to implement the changes to run new plugins.

2. Limited access

Native app development gets more use of open-source technology but with Xaamarin developers can use the elements offered by the platform and .Net open-source resource which is a limitation of the Xamarin platform.

3. Large app

Reliant on their types and complexity, Xamarin apps are basically larger than native apps. That’s why Xamarin app uses additional optimization like linking to remove the unused code from the contained library and stay the app file size acceptable.

4. Compatibility issues

When integrating third-party resources with Xamarin app that is facing some issues due to Xamarin having its own components.


Final thought

Xamarin provides many benefits when it comes to developing a mobile application. If you target multiple platforms and systems instead of choosing each platform specifically. Although it has its own advantages and disadvantages of developing a scalable and flexible mobile app development. Hire a professional Xamarin development company for your project that can help to build a mobile app in less time and cost.