While there are numerous ways to download videos to a PC, we've discovered and shared the simplest method with you. Here's a couple browser extensions How to download embedded videos on a PC.Despite the fact that there are numerous methods for downloading videos to a PC, we have discovered and shared the simplest one with you. Here are several browser extensions on How to download embedded videos on a PC. If you have Flash Video Downloader then they will help you download embedded video. Although Adobe Flash is no longer supported by the firm and is an old program, you can still download videos from numerous websites using Flash Video Downloader. The add-on is accessible for Firefox and Chrome and supports most video formats. There is a safari version of Flash Video Downloader if you're wondering How to download embedded videos on macOS. If you have a Video Downloadhelper then it will also help for downloading embedded videos. Unquestionably, one of the best extensions to install on your PC is Video Downloadhelper if you've been trying to figure out How to download embedded videos.The Firefox add-on and Chrome extension for Video Downloadhelper was released in 2015, however the programme was created in 2007. If you're seeking a quick method for How to download embedded videos from a website, this is maybe it. Consider downloading any embedded movies from a website directly to your PC or Mac instead of relying on browser extensions, if you believe they won't work for you Search for the video you wish to download to your PC and that you adore. In the video, right-click anywhere. The option to Save Video and more will be available in a drop-down menu that will appear. To download and save the video to your PC's location of choice, click. You can see now How to download embedded videos directly from a website, but not all websites may support this method.