Handbags in Sri Lanka are not just quick fashion accessories amongst women; they are movable storage areas that ensure you always have everything you need. Decide what you need before you pack so that your ladies’ handbag doesn't become cluttered. We have put together a list of things to keep in your handbag because it might be challenging to prioritise when you don't know what your plans are.

  • Keys, wallet, and phone: A phone, a wallet, and keys are three essential tools for modern living. To make it easy to access your wallet when needed, it should fit comfortably inside your purse. Your ID or driver's licence, credit cards, and cash should be inside. Put your phone in the smaller pocket of your purse if you travel with one to prevent loss. Locate phone cases that are small enough to fit in a purse so that you can quickly answer any calls or texts that come in. Make sure the case you choose fits into your pockets and protects your phone. The ideal phone cover for a purse should protect your phone from scratches and keep it hidden.
  • Toiletries: Even if you don't have allergies, a modest pack of Kleenex is invaluable. They come in handy after a spill or when a cold strikes unexpectedly and are a wonderful way to be kind to sniffling strangers. Be prepared by keeping a small bag for toiletries in your purses. Put 3–5 pads or tampons inside, along with sunscreen and micro-Vaseline. A multipurpose essential for your purse is Vaseline. It moisturises, prevents blisters, removes makeup, and acts as a lip balm.
  • Breath mints: After lunch, have some mints or gum in your purse to avoid any awkward encounters. Carrying them will give you the sensation of having just washed your teeth, which is perfect before impromptu meetings and after meals.
  • Hair Accessories: You never know when you will have to deal with inclement weather, a wardrobe emergency, or an unforeseen trip to the gym. If you have shorter hair, keep bobby pins and clips on hand to keep it neat. Also, a small hairbrush is a necessity for handbags because you never know when a special occasion may arise.
  • A Healthy Snack: Doing errands all day long requires you to stay hydrated. It is a good idea to have a nutritious snack in your purse to stay energised and avoid overindulging in cookies or chips. Choose a protein-rich food instead, such as beef jerky or almonds. If you keep a variety of snacks on hand, make sure you have a zip-lock bag to keep the crumbs contained and your handbag tidy.
  • Stationery: You may keep all of your thoughts in one location by using notebooks. Do you have trouble staying organised? With a planner, you can stay organised and focused while checking things off your to-do list in a much more satisfying way than on your phone. Always have a pen or pencil on hand so you can complete paperwork or sign letters.

When you know what to keep in your handbag, you can clear out the clutter and keep it clean and tidy. To avoid any hiccups during your hectic day, be ready for anything, from sneezing fits to blisters. Purchase a good women’s bag online with reasonable handbag prices in Sri Lanka. Consider having entertainment choices as well because you never know when you could be waiting for someone or whether a train will be delayed.