No matter if you are planning a quick weekend trip or a lengthy 10-day journey away from home, travel backpacks have a number of advantages for all kinds of vacationers. From heavy bags to laptop backpacks in Sri Lanka for your technical essentials, they make a nice substitute for small suitcases, big totes, and duffel bags. While travelling between different cities or nations with only a suitcase on your back may not seem spectacular, there is a lot more going on than you might realize. There are numerous perks and reasons to travel with a backpack, and backpack prices in Sri Lanka are reasonably cheap.


All ardent believers travel with their essentials. Everyone should only bring a backpack the size of a carryon, without a doubt. Here are 10 reasons why you should always travel light, whether you are going away for the weekend or a few months and go for backpack online shopping in Sri Lanka.


Simple to store.

The ease of storing a backpack over a suitcase is one of the key arguments in favour of doing so. The majority of luggage is large, and their wheels just make them bigger. On the other side, they are made to fit easily in the overhead compartments of trains, buses, and aeroplanes. They can fit into small storage spaces thanks to their flexible sides. Additionally, many travel backpacks come equipped with compression straps that let you condense the contents of your bag to save space.


A Safe Place to Store Your Belongings.

Are travel backpacks secure places to store money and critical documents when it comes to packing important personal items? Many interior pockets and hidden pockets are features of most travel rucksacks. Inside, sensitive documents can be kept secure from pickpockets. Another advantage of sports rucksacks is that they are adaptable and can be used for both weekend and weekly excursions, in addition to having all these compartments and pockets. Only for weekend excursions and if you only bring the minimal necessities, can you use a tiny backpack. You must purchase the entire set of suitcases.


You can need a small, medium, or even large suitcase, depending on how long your journey is. With a backpack, however, you can either remove the extra pockets or change the straps to make them smaller, and vice versa, if you are just lightly packed!


Easy to manoeuvre.

On flat surfaces, carrying a suitcase is simple, but when using stairs instead of an elevator, problems can occur. Some suitcases are heavy even when empty, so if you must lift and carry them upstairs, you should be able to move large objects. Physical exertion is reduced when carrying them as opposed to a duffel bag. You won't weary and ache as quickly. However, do they make it pleasant to stroll for a longer distance? That depends on the type.


Putting the weight of your luggage to one side, you should also think about switching modes of transportation. People typically use cabs, ridesharing services like UBER, trains, buses, trams, and aeroplanes when travelling. Instead of numerous clunky suitcases, it is much simpler to stow several bags in one trunk. Backpacks have the advantage of fitting in the backseat of a car, making it simpler for you to transition between all kinds of transportation. Another benefit is that running with a one is simpler than hauling a bag through a congested station if you are in danger of missing your transport.



For convenient organisation and storage of your trip necessities so that you always know where they are when you need them, a high-quality backpack should contain a lot of pockets. When you are away from home, having a well-organized bag may really make things easier. Your possessions need to have features like pockets with sturdy zippers if you want to keep them secure. Having distinct, various-sized sections and pockets is also a smart idea. This is especially useful if you need to transport your laptop around because it will be more secure in its own compartment. If organisation is your top priority, this is the best type of luggage to choose.


No need for "Extra Help."

There won't be anyone approaching you on the side of the road asking to help with the load in exchange for a tip, such as a taxi driver trying to put your luggage in the trunk, a shuttle bus driver looking to set it under the bus with everyone else's belongings, or a stranger on the shuttle bus. You don't need any other help with just luggage on your back!


Utilizing public restrooms is simpler.

Public restrooms are dirty and unpleasant places. Because your bag won't fit inside the stall, don't worry about leaving it there or on the ground. Simply hang it on the door to keep it tidy and within reach while you attend to business.


Compatibility with dorm lockers and luggage storage.

Another money-saving tip that also serves as a stress reliever: It will also fit more easily in lodging, in addition to the areas where you can hide your bag at restaurants or airports. Many shared housing options offer lockers for your valuables. When you are travelling light, everything in your backpack is valuable; therefore, it is much nicer to just dump everything in the locker rather than take out the "valuable" items.


Less likely to be the target of tourist scams.

Reflect on it. You notice someone coming down the street with a large suitcase or bag that they can hardly lift, right? What about those individuals who are simply carrying a backpack? You don't even bat an eye! Nobody will suspect you have just arrived in a foreign nation and have no idea where you are headed if you only have a little bag.


Spend less on baggage charges.

This is a no-brainer. There is normally a charge when purchasing flights for checked baggage. However, did you know that budget airlines, transportation companies, and even railways will occasionally charge you more for larger luggage, even if it is free on long-haul flights? Consider how much additional cash you could spend on regional pastries or beverages.


Provides you with self-assurance.

You won't realise how much confidence you will gain until you try carrying everything on your back! It has to do with realising that you don't have to be everything that society expects you to be. You don't need these things. You don't need much to survive—just what you can fit in your backpack!


You can need a small, medium, or even large suitcase, depending on how long your journey is. With a backpack, however, you can either remove the extra pockets or change the straps to make it smaller, and vice versa, if you are just lightly packed!