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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Accredited Professional Sample Questions (Q48-Q53):

The administrator at universal containers will create a custom field to track a specific Tier 2 support user on a case record.
What data type should be used while creating this custom field?

  • A. Lookup relationship
  • B. Hierarchical relationship
  • C. Lookup Filter
  • D. Formula

Answer: A

Planter Farm Credit Union provides loan and insurance products to farmers who operate individually as well as in collaboration with other neighboring farms & farmers. The collaboration can be seasonal or for a limited timeframe. What construct in Financial Services Cloud is most appropriate to represent such collaborative customer business operations?

  • A. Custom Relationship Group
  • B. Contact-Contact Relationship
  • C. Standard Household
  • D. Account with Record Type = Business

Answer: A

A feature that captures, refers, routes, and prioritizes customer needs across business lines

  • A. Report
  • B. Opportunity
  • C. Expressed Interest
  • D. Referrals

Answer: D

How can the Salesforce Administrator make sure that highly sensitive Life Events or Business Milestones will not be shown until the event actually happened?

  • A. Remove the Event or Milestone from the Lightning Component in the Developer Console.
  • B. Delete the value from the Event Type picklist on the Life Event Object or the Milestone type on the Business Milestone object
  • C. Life Events are part of the FSC managed package, therefore the Salesforce Admin must contact Salesforce Support to remove the Event from the Lightning Component.
  • D. Hide the Event or Milestone on the Events & Business Milestones Lightning Component page properties.

Answer: D

Universal Container wants to ensure that users complete the standard industry field when creating a new account record. To address the concern the administrator set the Industry field as required. However, some users are still able to create a new account record without completing the Industry Field.
What should an administrator do to troubleshoot the issues? (2 answers)

  • A. Verify the users have the "Edit" permission for accounts on their profiles
  • B. Verify the users have the "Modify all data" permission for account on their profiles
  • C. Verify the field-level security for the industry field is not set to "Read Only" on the user profiles.
  • D. Verify the industry field is set as required on all the account page layouts assigned to the users

Answer: C,D


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