Mobile app development industries growing rapidly with new innovations and updates. There is an incomparable mobile app development tool intended to create a full-fledged mobile application at a cost-effective price which is Ionic app development.

App development toolkits or frameworks cover the software industries with an agitating scenario. Ionic app development company offers their users a framework for creating a hybrid application using web technologies and integrations with best mobile app development frameworks like React Native and more. 


Here we discuss mobile app development tools known as an Ionic framework and its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the native and hybrid app development technology.


What is Ionic framework?

Ionic is an open-source UI development framework for cross-platform application development. Ionic use web technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and helps to build a strong front-end user interface for mobile app including UI controls, interactions, gestures, animation, and more. 


Advantages of Ionic Framework

1. Single code

Ionic helps developers to create code once and run it on all the platforms like Android, iOS, web, desktop, etc. with an easy and simple structure.

2. Functional design

Ionic offers ready-to-go components, that offer to build apps that are functional quickly. Its inbuilt base theme will help developers to concentrate more on the app’s features instead of creating UI components every time.

3. App optimization

Ionic can create standard UI as compared as like as native app features, and web app flexibility. Ionic use a capacitor or browser to run their app.

4. Simple structure

Ionic framework is based on keeping simplicity and easily using any framework. Ionic offers a simple yet elegant UI with native app-like powerful functionality.

5. Time-saving

Ionic framework offers inbuilt UI features, which can create elegant UI very fast and in less time.

6. Ecosystem

Ionic framework ecosystem is approved by an international community of developers and researchers. Which is available to help at any time.

Disadvantages of Ionic Framework

1. Slow performance

Ionic framework develops hybrid apps, which means a single codebase for every other platform. That results in slow performance in comparison with native apps.

2. Compatibility problem

When using third-party plugins or integrating an Ionic framework with other frameworks, it faces a compatibility issue.

3. Limited approach

Ionic framework is not for everyone. If you are trying to develop a 3D game Ionic is unable to create. Ionic is a single platform for others. Also, it has a security issue.


Bottom line

Ionic is an impressive framework for cross-platform app development that can run on mobile, web, and desktops. If you want to build creative apps in less time then Ionic is the best choice considering its features and limitations. What types of app development processes do you need to go with it depending on the requirements of your app idea? Usually, there is no need to opt-out between PWA and Ionic app development both of them complement each other.