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To prepare for the exam, AWS offers a range of training courses and resources, including online courses, practice exams, and study materials. It is also recommended that candidates have hands-on experience with AWS services and have a basic understanding of IT concepts such as networking and databases.

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The Amazon CLF-C01 exam is a certification exam that is designed for individuals who are looking to validate their knowledge of the AWS Cloud. The exam is designed to assess foundational knowledge of AWS Cloud concepts, services, and practices. The exam is also designed to test the ability of the candidate to demonstrate an understanding of the AWS Cloud's value proposition and the benefits of cloud computing in general.

Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Questions (Q132-Q137):

Consolidated billing is managed through what AWS service?
Choose the Correct answer:

  • A. AWS Billing Manager
  • B. AWS TCO
  • C. AWS Consolidated Management
  • D. AWS Organizations

Answer: D

AWS Organizations is where you can manage multiple AWS accounts in one place (including it's billing features, such as consolidated billing).

A user is building a simple online calculator and wants to use AWS compute as cost-effectively as possible. The calculator must be highly available for even a small number of users.
Where should the code for calculations be hosted?

  • A. On an Amazon EC2 Compute Optimized Reserved Instance
  • B. In an AWS Lambda function
  • C. On an Amazon EC2 Memory Optimized Reserved Instance
  • D. On an Amazon EC2 Compute Optimized Spot Instance

Answer: B

Users report that the Industry picklist field is no longer visible on account records.
Which tool can an administrator use to troubleshoot this issue?

  • A. Debug log
  • B. Setup audit trail
  • C. Field history tracking
  • D. Field audit history

Answer: B


What helps a company provide a lower latency experience to its users globally?

  • A. Using edge locations to put content closer to all users
  • B. Enabling caching in the AWS Region that is being used
  • C. Using a second Availability Zone in the AWS Region that is using used
  • D. Using an AWS Region that is central to all users

Answer: D

According to the AWS Well-Architected Framework, what change management steps should be taken to achieve reliability in the AWS Cloud? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use AWS Certificate Manager to whitelist approved AWS resources and services
  • B. Use AWS CloudTrail to record AWS API calls into an auditable log file
  • C. Use Amazon GuardDuty to validate configuration changes made to AWS resources
  • D. Use service limits to prevent users from creating or making changes to AWS resources
  • E. Use AWS Config to generate an inventory of AWS resources

Answer: B,E


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