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The Cisco 200-901 (DevNet Associate) Certification Exam is a popular certification exam for developers and IT professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge of software development and automation using Cisco platforms. This certification is designed for individuals who work with Cisco technologies, including network engineers, software developers, and system administrators. It is an entry-level exam that covers a wide range of topics, including software development and design, APIs, networking fundamentals, and programmability.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

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The Cisco 200-901 exam is a comprehensive exam that assesses an individual's understanding of the fundamentals of Cisco platforms and technologies. It consists of 120 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have 120 minutes to complete the exam. The exam is available in English and Japanese, and candidates can take the exam at any Pearson VUE testing center worldwide. The exam fee is $300 USD, and candidates must pass the exam to earn the Cisco 200-901 certification.

Cisco DevNet Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q335-Q340):

Refer to the exhibit.
Drag and drop the descriptors from the left onto the correct parts of the API request and response on the right.


A - E, B - D, C - B, D - C, E - A, F - F

Refer to Exhibit.
Which JSON is equivalent to the XML-encoded data.

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option C
  • C. Option B
  • D. Option D

Answer: D

A local Docker alpine image has been created with an image ID of a391665405fe and tagged as "latest".
Which command creates a running container based on the tagged image, with the container port 8080 bound to port 80 on the host?

  • A. docker exec -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
  • B. docker run -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
  • C. docker start -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
  • D. docker build -p 8080:80 alpine:latest

Answer: B


By default, how does EIGRP determine the metric of a route for the routing table?

  • A. It uses a reference bandwidth and the actual bandwidth of the connected link to calculate the route metric.
  • B. It uses the bandwidth and delay values of the path to calculate the route metric.
  • C. It uses a default metric of 10 for all routes that are learned by the router.
  • D. It counts the number of hops between the receiving and destination routers and uses that value as the metric.

Answer: B

Section: IP Connectivity

Drag and drop the code snippets from the bottom to the blanks in the code to complete the HTTP response.
Not all options are used.


Graphical user interface, text, application Description automatically generated


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