React Native and Native app development confusion is a long-time debate. For making a mobile app development for Android and iOS it is up to the requirement which mobile app development framework is a match for your application development.

React Native and native app development platforms are two leading players in the app development field. Many more React Native app development companies build mobile applications in a traditional way with native language for major platforms. React Native enables developers to create mobile apps equally written as a web applications with JavaScript.


What is React Native app development?

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework developed by Facebook that offers cross-platform mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms. React Native use JavaScript to apply native components to a JavaScript app and excludes all limitation of loading a web page into mobile applications.


What is Native app development?

Native app development is an application for a specific platform using their native technologies such as Objective-C, Swift for iOS, Java, and Kotlin for Android app development. Native applications will work only on the specified operating system they were developed for.


Factors to consider between React Native vs Native app development

Here are some points that are important to keep in mind when choosing React Native and the Native app development process.

1. Development time

React Native takes less time to build a mobile application with its various tools and library. Any mobile app development company only need a team of Android app development and iOS app development version of a mobile application. Whereas Native app development takes time to rebuild and run the entire project every time for a separate mobile app development platform.

2. Mobile app development cost

React Native is a better choice for cost reduction with its useful tools. On the other hand, Native apps take separate processes to build both platforms for Android, and iOS. Native app development must take two separate teams to build applications for separate platforms which makes it costlier.

3. UI/UX design

With React Native framework, developers can reuse the core code and write specified platform-based code independently of one another. Which is make it easy to build a complex user interface with customized views, navigations, and more. While Native development can access all Native APIs.

4. Performance

A native app is always a powerful performer with its advanced features, and integrated hardware devices, Swift, and Java are considered better than JavaScript. In other cases, Read Native is built on JavaScript which uses a single thread on the devices.


5. Scalability

In React Native you can reuse code, which offers good scalability than Native. Also, React Native is a cross-platform which offers Native app development it requires more development, spending more time, and more money.

Bottom line

React Native and Native are two mobile app development framework. It is necessary to think about your requirement to choose which is better for your app development process between React Native vs Native app development.