Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore offer neurologic look after a growing sort of conditions which are listed below. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore also provide specialized services like Botox treatment for chronic migraine and nutrition and wellness counselling within the context of neurological conditions.

Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore we care about the ‘whole patient’, recognizing the physical, psychological, and social implications of a neurological diagnosis. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore commitment to you thru patient- centered care means forming a partnership to develop a customized treatment plan that comes with your goals and perspective.

Our specialist nurses are available by email in between your follow up visits to answer your questions and concerns during a timely manner. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore provide counselling for day-to-day questions you’ll have or offer guidance to assist prevent crises and unnecessary hospital visits. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore goal is for you to re-establish a way of independence that creates life meaningful. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) may be a sort of ‘talk therapy’ that helps patients develop long-term coping strategies for a good range of conditions, like anxiety or depression. Concussion is an injury to the brain which will cause a spread of various effects physically, emotionally and cognitively. People with concussion can develop a spread of various symptoms, including headaches, memory problems, concentration & attention difficulties, sleep disturbance and more.

Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore offer the whole spectrum of services to our spinal patients ranging from:
• Consultation with experts
• Physiotherapy, exercises and rehabilitation
• Injections for relief from spinal origin pain, Nerve blocks
• Cement injections for osteoporotic spinal fractures within the elderly
• Traditional open spinal surgery
• Microsurgery for disc problems
• Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
• Cervical Spine Surgery
• Disc replacement
• Scoliosis and Kyphosis correction

Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore is a multi-super specialty institute that redefines the standards of excellence in healthcare services and brings together the best of infrastructure, technology and medical intelligence. Our unmatched quality standards along with cutting- edge technology and medical intelligence enable us to provide personalized health care services to patients with care, compassion and commitment. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore, brings together an outstanding pool of doctors to foster collaborative, multidisciplinary investigation, diagnosis and treatment of patients. It’s committed to ethical medical practices and is driven by patient needs, comfort and trust.

Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore offering services like Neurologist Doctors. It give quality care to persons suffering from psychological, addictive & geriatric problems. We give total health care solutions to ameliorate quality of life of not only the patients but their family members also. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore is an expert neurologist and neuroimmunologist from Bangalore associated with disorders of the nervous system and the interaction between our immune system and central nervous system. Best Neurologist in Jayanagar Bangalore maintains interest in the areas of neuroimmunology, neurorheumatology, stroke, epilepsy, sleep disorder, movement disorder and neuro-pain-intervention.