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The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a powerful platform that enables businesses to streamline their operations and integrate their applications, data, and systems across different environments. With this platform, businesses can easily connect their applications and data, automate their workflows, and gain insights into their operations. The IBM C1000-147 Certification Exam is designed to test professionals' understanding of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and their ability to design, deploy, and manage solutions using this platform.

The IBM C1000-147 certification exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge and skills in various areas related to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. This exam covers a wide range of topics, including the deployment of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, the configuration of various components, the integration of different applications and services, and the management of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.

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The IBM C1000-147 (Cloud Pak for Integration v2021.4 Solution Architect) Certification Exam is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of solution architects who are responsible for designing and implementing IBM Cloud Pak for Integration solutions. The exam tests a candidate's ability to define and implement integration solutions using IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and its associated components.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v2021.4 Solution Architect Sample Questions (Q60-Q65):

What is CRI-O?

  • A. An optional version of Docker optimized for OpenShift when running on cloud provider platforms
  • B. A Kubernetes native container runtime implementation that integrates closely with CoreOS
  • C. A Windows .NET compatibility library available in the OpenShift Developer Catalog
  • D. The graphical user interface for Operators to administer applications/workloads running on OpenShift

Answer: B

Which format is used to export metering reports from Cloud Pak for Integration?

  • A. DSV
  • B. YAML
  • C. XML
  • D. CSV

Answer: D

What is the easiest way to consume an application residing outside of the boundaries of a cloud-native application?

  • A. node.js
  • B. APIs
  • C. Java Functions
  • D. XML

Answer: D

What does OpenShift use to provide storage to Cloud Pak for Integration components?

  • A. Persistent volume
  • B. Spectrum storage
  • C. Network attached storage
  • D. Local disk storage

Answer: C

What is the required storage class and access mode settings for deployment of high speed transfer integration capability?

  • A. Type: Block System and Access mode: Read-Write-Once
  • B. Type: File System and Access mode: Read-Only-Many
  • C. Type: File System and Access mode: Read-Write-Many
  • D. Type: Block and Access mode: Read-Write-Many

Answer: A


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