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Scaled Agile SAFe-RTE (SAFe Release Train Engineer) Certification Exam is a widely recognized certification program that validates the knowledge and skills of Release Train Engineers under the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The SAFe framework is a comprehensive approach to enterprise-level agility that helps organizations to manage complex software projects efficiently. The RTE plays a critical role in the SAFe framework, acting as a facilitator and orchestrator for the release train. The SAFe-RTE certification exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of RTEs on various aspects of the SAFe framework, including Agile software development, Lean-Agile principles, and SAFe implementation.

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Scaled Agile SAFe Release Train Engineer Sample Questions (Q167-Q172):

Why would a Release Train Engineer use an Iteration and Program Increment Calendar?

  • A. To visualize the Agile Release Train's cadence and synchronization
  • B. To create a BVIR of the important team and ART milestones
  • C. To know the cycle time between important team and train events
  • D. To ensure that key ceremonies don't conflict with non-SAFe ceremonies

Answer: A

What is the main reason why some teams never reach Stage 4 (Performing) in the stag-es of high performing teams?

  • A. Because there are conflicts
  • B. Because the team is not structured correctly
  • C. Because leadership is spontaneous
  • D. Because no one guides them

Answer: D

How are the 5 Whys used?

  • A. To brainstorm ideas
  • B. To identify a root cause(s) of a problem
  • C. To define acceptance criteria for a Story
  • D. To coach a team through powerful questions

Answer: B

How does a Release Train Engineer view the role of functional managers on the Agile Release Train?

  • A. As developers of people
  • B. As problem solvers
  • C. As decision makers
  • D. As a content authority for work

Answer: A

Which of the following is true of Iteration Goals in SAFe?

  • A. They describe the value of planned Features and Enablers
  • B. They enable teams to keep aligned with PI objectives
  • C. They provide quantifiable metrics to be used in retrospectives
  • D. They provide KPIs for tracking progress and value realization

Answer: B


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