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EC-COUNCIL Certified Ethical Hacker Exam (CEH v11) Sample Questions (Q290-Q295):

Steve, an attacker, created a fake profile on a social media website and sent a request to Stell a. Stella was enthralled by Steve's profile picture and the description given for his profile, and she initiated a conversation with him soon after accepting the request. After a few days. Sieve started asking about her company details and eventually gathered all the essential information regarding her company. What is the social engineering technique Steve employed in the above scenario?

  • A. Diversion theft
  • B. Baiting
  • C. Honey trap
  • D. Piggybacking

Answer: C

The honey trap is a technique where an attacker targets a person online by pretending to be an attractive person and then begins a fake online relationship to obtain confidential information about the target company. In this technique, the victim is an insider who possesses critical information about the target organization.
Baiting is a technique in which attackers offer end users something alluring in exchange for important information such as login details and other sensitive data. This technique relies on the curiosity and greed of the end-users. Attackers perform this technique by leaving a physical device such as a USB flash drive containing malicious files in locations where people can easily find them, such as parking lots, elevators, and bathrooms. This physical device is labeled with a legitimate company's logo, thereby tricking end-users into trusting it and opening it on their systems. Once the victim connects and opens the device, a malicious file downloads. It infects the system and allows the attacker to take control.
For example, an attacker leaves some bait in the form of a USB drive in the elevator with the label "Employee Salary Information 2019" and a legitimate company's logo. Out of curiosity and greed, the victim picks up the device and opens it up on their system, which downloads the bait. Once the bait is downloaded, a piece of malicious software installs on the victim's system, giving the attacker access.

What is the purpose of a demilitarized zone on a network?

  • A. To provide a place to put the honeypot
  • B. To contain the network devices you wish to protect
  • C. To only provide direct access to the nodes within the DMZ and protect the network behind it
  • D. To scan all traffic coming through the DMZ to the internal network

Answer: C

What is the common name for a vulnerability disclosure program opened by companies in platforms such as HackerOne?

  • A. White-hat hacking program
  • B. Vulnerability hunting program
  • C. Bug bounty program
  • D. Ethical hacking program

Answer: C

You are logged in as a local admin on a Windows 7 system, and you need to launch the Computer Management Console from the command line. Which command would you use?

  • A. c:\compmgmt.msc
  • B. c:\services.msc
  • C. c:\ncpa.cpl
  • D. c:\gpedit

Answer: A

Don, a student, came across a gaming app in a third-party app store and installed it. Subsequently, all the legitimate apps in his smartphone were replaced by deceptive applications that appeared legitimate. He also received many advertisements on his smartphone after installing the app.
What is the attack performed on Don in the above scenario?

  • A. SMS phishing attack
  • B. Clickjacking
  • C. Agent Smith attack
  • D. SIM card attack

Answer: C


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