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The RAC-US exam is designed to ensure that individuals who hold this certification have a strong foundation of knowledge related to regulatory affairs. The exam covers a broad range of topics, including regulatory submissions, compliance, clinical research, quality systems, and global regulatory affairs. In addition, the exam evaluates the candidate's ability to apply this knowledge to real-world situations.

RAPS Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) US Sample Questions (Q70-Q75):

Which of the following is the MOST desirable timing and approach for a regulatory affairs professional who wants to provide feedback on proposed new regulations?

  • A. Before the enactment of the regulation, through formal comments gathering process
  • B. After the enactment of the regulation, through the industry representative
  • C. After the enactment of the regulation, through a product-specific meeting
  • D. Before the enactment of the regulation, through the industry representative

Answer: A

The API used for an approved drug product conforms to international monograph specifications and local pharmacopeia; however, the international monograph specifications of the API will be changing soon. Which is the most appropriate action for the regulatory affairs professional to take FIRST?

  • A. Transfer the notice of the upcoming international monograph change to QA for further processing.
  • B. Analyze the impact of the international monograph change on the local pharmacopeia.
  • C. Prepare the international monograph change submission first and then prepare the local change when required.
  • D. Confirm that the international monograph change is not related to local pharmacopeia.

Answer: A

A superiority advertising claim for a product versus its competitor's product can only be made under which of the following circumstances?

  • A. Government survey data indicate the product is superior.
  • B. Results of a three-year, post-market patient survey indicate the product is superior.
  • C. Results of adequate, well-controlled comparative clinical trial show the product is superior.
  • D. In vitro studies show the product to be superior.

Answer: C

Following the introduction of a new regulation, an evaluation of the company's products by the regulatory affairs professional indicates that 60 percent do not comply with the regulation.
What should the regulatory affairs professional do FIRST to meet the new requirement?

  • A. Communicate with the relevant internal departments.
  • B. Contact the trade association for advice.
  • C. Prepare documents for the files.
  • D. Request a permanent waiver from the new regulation.

Answer: A

Which of the following is MOST appropriate for the purpose of lot release of biologics?

  • A. Inventory control
  • B. Quality verification
  • C. Safety assurance
  • D. Efficacy confirmation

Answer: B


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