The possibility of a budding romance between the British pop sensation Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid, the younger sibling of supermodels Bella and Gigi, has caught the attention of gossip enthusiasts everywhere. The rumoured couple was spotted displaying affectionate behaviour during a U.K. music festival on the Fourth of July weekend, which has only fueled speculation about their potential relationship. As the buzz around their connection intensifies, many eagerly watch these rising stars to see where their alleged romance may lead. In today's article, we will know about Dua Lipa Husband, Anwar Hadid.

Dua Lipa Husband: Anwar Hadid:

According to Page Six, Anwar Hadid, the youngest member of the Hadid clan, had been in a relationship with actress Nicola Peltz for over a year before they amicably parted ways in May 2018. Despite not addressing their separation publicly, rumours about their breakup began to surface after Hadid was spotted engaging in a passionate make-out session with supermodel Kendall Jenner in June 2018. 

Fans of the couple were left wondering if Hadid and Peltz were still together. Reports later emerged that the actress had unfollowed the entire Hadid family on social media after the photos went viral. Interestingly, Peltz went on to date singer Paul Jason Klein, who had previously been romantically linked to Dua Lipa, but the couple announced their split in February 2019.


After a rough five-year relationship, singer Dua Lipa and model-turned-chef Isaac Carew reportedly ended things once and for all early last month, as per ELLE. Fans had previously speculated that there might be trouble in paradise when Carew unfollowed Lipa on social media, which many interpreted as confirmation of their split. 

Sources claimed that the couple's demanding schedules and conflicting work commitments were the primary cause of their breakup. Lipa and Carew took to their respective Instagram accounts to post sombre messages, further fueling rumours that they had parted ways for good. One of the couple's final public appearances was at the Met Gala on May 6th. 

Music Career:

TMZ recently reported that Anwar Hadid, who is just 20 years old and has a burgeoning music career, shared some of his work with Dua Lipa, a close friend of his sister Gigi. According to the outlet, things began to heat up between the two young stars in early June, shortly after Lipa split from her previous partner. Allegedly, Hadid wasted no time contacting the "New Rules" singer and asking her for a date. Sources say the duo hit it off during their initial outing and decided to see each other again. For those interested in hearing Hadid's music, his debut album, Bleach, was released in April.


In conclusion, Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid's relationship has ended, as sources have confirmed their split after several months of dating, so Dua Lipa Husband is currently unknown. While the two were initially spotted getting cosy at a music festival in the U.K., their romance quickly heated up, and they were seen together at various events over the past year. However, their busy schedules and time apart may have affected their relationship. Despite their split, Lipa and Hadid continue to focus on their respective careers, with Lipa releasing new music and Hadid continuing to work on his own music and modelling career. Only time will tell if the two will cross paths again.