Butt augmentation, also known as gluteal augmentation, gives the buttocks a rounder, firmer, and younger-looking appearance. The butt can be made larger or smaller through butt augmentation procedures. The most common procedures performed on the buttocks are butt lifts, implants, and fat grafting augmentation.


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Who Makes a Good Candidate for Buttock Augmentation?


Candidates for buttock augmentation typically include the following:

  1. People who feel that their buttocks are flat

  2. People who have a significant amount of loose soft tissue in their glutes

  3. People who feel that their buttocks are out of shape compared to the rest of the body.

  4. Individuals who are in good health and don't have any conditions that would make surgery more likely or don’t hinder healing

  5. Individuals who are optimistic and have realistic expectations for what can be achieved after having a gluteal lift surgery

  6. Nonsmokers

  7. People who are dedicated to leading healthy lives through appropriate nutrition and exercise


How Does a Butt Augmentation Procedure Work?


The procedure for butt augmentation may take two hours or more. There are various techniques used during butt augmentation surgeries:


  1. Butt Implants: After making an incision at the top or bottom of the butt, the surgeon will insert the implants inside or beneath the muscle.

  2. Butt Augmentation with Fat Grafting: The surgeon uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from one or more areas of the body, such as from the thighs, hips, or stomach. Then, they inject that fat into areas of the butt that need augmentation, below the skin.

  3. Butt Lift: The butt lift involves pulling up excess skin and requires the surgeon to make an incision in the lower back, hips, or beneath the butt cheeks. The surgeon then uses stitches or another technique to close the incision.


Recovery Time Following Buttock Augmentation


The recovery period following butt augmentation surgery can vary depending on a variety of factors. The majority of the time, patients are able to go home after surgery within a few hours. It takes a while to fully recover from the procedure. The patients can follow a few steps to recover safely from the procedure:


  1. Take the prescribed medication for a couple of days

  2. Stay away from heavy lifting and strenuous exercise

  3. Once the sutures have healed for at least 8 to 10 days, avoid sitting on the buttocks

  4. A compression pad should be worn to reduce the swelling


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