Android is the most widely used mobile operating system with its versatility and open-source platform in the world. It is the most preferred mobile app development platform for every enterprise.

Much more developers prefer to build Android applications due to its openness and other features such as highly customizable app development solutions. With the huge acceptability of Android-based mobile devices across the world, many mobile app development companies prefer to build Android applications over others such as iPhone apps.


There are many Android app development platforms or frameworks that make the Android app development process easy and fast with their features. Know the full list of Android app development frameworks that can make your app development process smooth.


What is an app development framework?

In simple words for creating any mobile apps on Android or iOS platforms, we need a platform that provides templates, themes, components, and structure for the app development this is called a framework.


App development frameworks are three types per the app’s usage: native, hybrid, and web. The Native framework is dedicated to a specific platform such as Android and iOS, And the Hybrid framework is for both Android and iOS apps. While Web framework is only for developing web-based applications.

List of best Android App development framework

1. React Native

React Native is a cross-platform framework developed by Meta. It is one of the popular Android app development frameworks based on the most useful JavaScript library, making the app development process fast and cost-saving. It has inbuilt UI components that enable to reuse of elements during the app development process.

2. Corona SDK

Corona SDK is an Android app development framework with a simple syntax. Corona SDK is known as a 2D mobile app development framework, especially for game development with both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Flutter

Flutter is an open-source free Android app development framework created by Google and used for native app development. Flutter SDK framework for cross-platform app development for creating an incomparable UI development. It also offers the integration of third-party APIs with debugging tools.

4. Ionic

Ionic is a cross-platform framework for Android app development using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 to create fully featured mobile apps. Ionic offers huge tools, animations, and gestures that create applications for mobile as well as the internet with a single code base.

5. PhoneGap

This is a trending cross-platform Android app development framework mostly used for creating native apps for Android and iOS and also for Windows mobile. It is worked with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 which makes it the most developer friendly. PhoneGap allows developers to debug or check code and make changes in real time.


Final thought

Choosing the right framework for Android application development is quite confusing. Every framework has its own compatibility and uniqueness that can be useful for any type of mobile app development. It depends on a project that has different requirements and decides to which framework is best suitable as per the project requirement. Hiring a trusted Android app development company that guides you to build an exceptional Android app development process.