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To become a Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst, candidates need to pass a 60-question, multiple-choice exam in 105 minutes. The exam fee is $200, and candidates can take the exam either online or in-person at a testing center. The certification is valid for two years, and candidates need to maintain their certification by completing the maintenance requirements. The certification exam is designed to evaluate the candidate’s understanding of Salesforce functionality, best practices, and industry standards. A Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst certification can help professionals advance their career in the Salesforce ecosystem and demonstrate their expertise to potential employers.

To be eligible for the Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam, candidates must have a minimum of two years of experience as a business analyst and at least one year of experience working with Salesforce. The exam is available online and can be taken from anywhere in the world. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within 105 minutes.

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This certification is ideal for professionals with experience in business analysis, project management, and software development. It is also beneficial for individuals who have a deep understanding of Salesforce and its capabilities. The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam is a valuable credential that can enhance career opportunities and increase earning potential. It is recognized globally and is highly respected within the Salesforce community. With this certification, professionals can demonstrate their expertise in Salesforce and their commitment to providing high-quality solutions to businesses.

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Sample Questions (Q66-Q71):

The business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks is managing a project to build a recruiting app for the management and human resources (HR) teams. The HR director wants the app to help the team navigate the hiring process more efficiently. The BA designs a Stakeholder Wheel to better understand all of the people with an interest m the project.
Which level of influence should the BA place the MR Director on the stakeholder wheel?

  • A. The Enterprise
  • B. The project
  • C. The Sponsor

Answer: B

Universal Containers (UC) has chosen to implement Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to increase revenue and remove bottlenecks in its current processes. A business analyst (BA) is tasked with diagramming business processes.
What should the BA do to successfully meet governance requirements to identify the business purpose?

  • A. Adhere to agreed upon mapping standards.
  • B. Identify resources engaged in each step.
  • C. Use UC's existing terminology.

Answer: B

A sales manager at Universal Containers (UC) customized all of their list views on the Account object to include a new field. Although they have multiple list views. The sales manager prefers to keep the recently viewed list as their default list. When the manager realize they are unable to modify the recently viewed list, they reach out to UC's Salesforce team for help?
What are the next steps the business analyst should take?

  • A. Research AppExchange solution that offer customization options.
  • B. Document the desired outcome and research the impact of making a change.
  • C. Recommend that the user submit a ticket related to the field creation.

Answer: A

The business analyst (BA) at universal Containers is grooming user stories to add to the next sprint The BA Is having difficulty understanding the level of testing that's necessary for a particular story involving an update to an Important trigger.
What should the BA do to address the need for user acceptance testing (UAT)?

  • A. Run all Apex tests using change set validation.
  • B. Perform testing on all objects in the trigger.
  • C. Gather testing requirements from the stakeholder.

Answer: C

In what phase of the four application lifecycle milestones does this action belong? Communicate Changes, Update Profiles and Communicate end of Changes.

  • A. Plan
  • B. Deploy
  • C. Test
  • D. Build

Answer: B


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