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The HP HPE6-A73 exam is intended for professionals who have experience with Aruba switching technologies and are seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. This certification is ideal for network administrators, network engineers, and other IT professionals who work with Aruba switching solutions. By earning this certification, candidates can demonstrate their expertise in designing, deploying, and managing Aruba switching solutions.

How to Prepare for HPE0-P26 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

Preparation Guide for HPE0-P26 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

Introduction for HPE0-P26 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam

The Aruba Certified Switching Professional affirmation is an insistence that has been made to support trading game plans capacities related to Aruba things and past. It gives that the holder can execute and work adventure level Aruba grounds trading game plans. It endorses the contender's capacities on an extent of subjects, from completing Aruba OS-Switches to IP multicast directing. To get the accreditation, the candidate needs to step through an examination that tests their capacities and exhibits that they have the stuff to be a refined trading capable. The endorsement can moreover be refreshed from various insistences.

Aruba Certified Switching Professional endorsement can help IT designs in an unexpected way. On the off chance that you're looking for a way to deal with take your livelihood toward another way, capable accreditation is the best methodology. You may as of now have a lower level Aruba trading accreditation or you might be contemplating their affirmation route from the soonest beginning stage. Whichever decision is for you, you could exhibit your worth as an associate at work or possibly track down another calling when you show that you have the stuff to appreciate do a bleeding edge approach to manage cloud, flexibility and various troubles in the frameworks organization field.

This testament supports you can do and work undertaking level Aruba grounds trading solutions.Specifically it endorses your knowledge into these focuses and that is just a glimpse of something larger: executing ArubaOS-Switches including getting access, reiteration advances, association and switch virtualization with HPE's Virtual Switching;configuring dynamic coordinating with Open Shortest Path First and Border Gateway Protocol; IP multicast guiding; network Quality of Service needs •protecting the association security.

Insistence with Aruba Certified Switching Professional shows that you have ace capacities related to trading and Aruba's things and organizations. As a specialist accreditation, it's the ensuing stage if you as of now have the accomplice level changing certification from Aruba. It offers you different huge benefits by endorsing your knowing on planning dynamic controlling, IP multicast coordinating, network improvement and guaranteeing networks using Access Control Lists. The upside of the affirmation is that it avows your experience and data, in spite of the way that readiness is moreover available to promise you realize all that is on the test.

The Aruba Certified Switching Professional endorsement V1 requires the realization of a lone test, Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions. To step through the exam, you first need to acquire permission to The Learning Center from Hewlett Packard Enterprises and get a HPE Learner ID. You moreover need to get together with Pearson VUE, which is the test movement shipper for the brand. They complete the tests at their educational centers and besides pass on planning if you are enthusiastic about the optional getting ready decisions on offer. You might actually update your ability from a HP ASE FlexNetwork affirmation or from Cisco, Juniper or Brocade.

There is no important getting ready to complete the Aruba Certified Switching Professional insistence test, yet you can take the endorsed planning if you need to. The essential thing to do is mind the remote possibility that you meet all prerequisites for an update path from a past assertion or if you need to have the accomplice endorsement. Right when you're set up to take the arrangement, guarantee that you have a Learner ID and register for the accreditation in the Learning Center. The proposed course is Implementing Aruba Campus Switching Solutions, which offers a 5-day course available as instructor drove, virtual educator drove or electronic.

The Skills Measured Include:

  • Configuring dynamic steering with Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • IP multicast directing
  • Network advancement fusing Quality of Service (QoS) needs
  • Implementing ArubaOS-Switches including getting access, repetition advances, connect total strategies and switch virtualization with HPE's Virtual Switching Framework‍
  • Protecting the organization utilizing Access Control Lists (ACLs) and other safety efforts

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The HP HPE6-A73: Aruba Certified Switching Professional exam is an excellent certification to have if you want to validate your knowledge and skills in configuring and managing Aruba wired and wireless networks. By passing this exam, you can demonstrate your expertise in Aruba switching technologies and advance your career in the networking industry.

HP Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam Sample Questions (Q114-Q119):

What is correct regarding the tunneling of user traffic between AOS-CX switches and Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs)?

  • A. Uses IPSec to protect the management traffic
  • B. Supports only port-based tunneling
  • C. Uses the same management protocol as Aruba APs
  • D. Uses iPSec to protect the management and data traffic

Answer: C

An administrator is supporting a network with the access layer consisting of AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The administrator needs to quickly deploy Aruba IAPs and security cameras in the network, ensuring that the correct QoS and VLAN settings are dynamically applied to the switch ports. Currently, switches are not configured to do device authentication, and no authentication server exists in the network.
Which AOS-CX feature should the administrator use to dynamically assign the policy settings to the correct switch ports?

  • A. Device profiles
  • B. Voice VLANs
  • C. Change of authorization
  • D. Dynamic segmentation

Answer: D

MAC authentication is enabled on port 1/1/27 of an AOS-CX switch. The following MAC addresses are defined on the AAA server:
* 88:3a:30:97:b6:00
* 00:50:56:b1:fc:9b
Examine the AOS-CX switch output:
Based on this information, what is true concerning port 1/1/27?

  • A. Client-mode is enabled with a client limit of 2.
  • B. Device-mode is enabled with a client limit of 1.
  • C. Client-mode is enabled with a client limit of 1.
  • D. Device-mode is enabled with a client limit of 2.

Answer: C

https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/AOS-CX/AOSCX-CLI-Bank/cli_6300-6400/Content/Chp_Port_acc/Port_acc_rol_cmds/aut-mod-fl-10.htm client-mode = Selects client mode. In this mode, all clients connecting to the port are sent for authentication.
device-mode = Selects device mode. In this mode, only the first client connecting to the port is sent for authentication. Once this client is authenticated, the port is considered as open and all subsequent clients trying to connect on that port are not sent for authentication.

Examine the following AOS-CX switch configuration:
Which access control entries would allow web traffic to the web servers and

  • A. permit tcp servers eq 80
  • B. permit tcp any eq 80
  • C. permit tcp any eq 80
  • D. permit tcp any eq 80

Answer: B

Examine the network exhibit.
A company has a guest implementation for wireless and wired access. Wireless access is implemented through a third-party vendor. The company is concerned about wired guest traffic traversing the same network as the employee traffic. The network administrator has established a GRE tunnel between AOS-CX switches where guests are connected to a routing switch in the DMZ.
Which feature should the administrator implement to ensure that the guest traffic is tunneled to the DMZ while the employee traffic is forwarded using OSPF?

  • A. Policy-based routing (PBR)
  • B. User-based tunneling (UBT)
  • C. OSPF route maps using the "set metric" command
  • D. Classifier policies

Answer: A

Guest traffic can be routed with PBR to use GRE tunnels that terminate in the DMZ.


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