Although sexual health is a time-tested holistic concept of goodness, thanks to the misinformation and half truths about sexual health in India, which we experience when talking about sexual health, it has more disadvantages than advantages. .

Sexual Health in India not openly discussed about.

We avoid discussing sexual health issues, citing reasons such as our values and upbringing that do not allow us to speak openly about sexual health. Our culture and religion, local status, spirituality, the people around us, personal experiences and social expectations avoid us from reaping the benefits of sexual health education in India.

Definition of sexual health documented by the WHO

If you consider the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, you will know that there is nothing wrong with discussing sexual health and sexuality in open forums. According to WHOM, sexual health is a good mental, physical and social state of your sexuality.

Benefits of discussing sexual health and issues in open forums

Since ancient times, there have been countless pregnancy-related deaths in India due to a lack of knowledge on how to share the complications of early pregnancy. It continues to account for the high rate of female mortality in rural India. We can save many lives if we raise knowledge of sexuality in rural India.

How to achieve healthy sexual health in India?

A country like India can achieve its sexual health awareness goals by taking advantage of the following:

Education- Education is a great way to increase the knowledge of sexual health. Remote areas in India like rural or Himalayas. Lack of education is a major barrier to achieving sexual health. We need to learn about the risks to sexual health and make the right option for ourselves. There is nothing incorrect with sexual activity. You should be conscious of the restrictions, limitations and dangers associated with this.

Communication- Communication is a huge gap in our society, we need to talk openly in our country. We must use a different type of method to communicate about sexual health and wellness. Communicating through online channels by promoting “Sexual Health Doctor Near Me” using the Internet, social media, YouTube, and Google promotions can go a long way towards improving a nation’s sexual health. Sexual health awareness through a wide range of communications is key to empowering citizens at all levels to protect themselves and their families’ sexual health.

Bottom line- It is imperative to discuss sexual health in India given the amount of incorrectly performed pregnancies in India. Individually from pregnancy-related deaths caused by premature ignorance, HIV, STDs and STIs are raging in Indian society and account for the highest number of deaths in India. It’s time to open up and yelp about the iron veil that lies between our right to sexual health and open discussion.

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