Rythu Mitra Groups (RMGs) are a significant contribution of the TDP government led by former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to the agricultural sector of Andhra Pradesh. RMGs are designed to provide quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides to farmers at market yards, which are sold by non-profit agricultural market committees. The scheme has been implemented in 200 market committees in the first phase, with a budget of 54.10 crore rupees allocated for the fiscal year 2002-03. The aim is to extend the scheme to all agricultural market committees in the state.

The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) has organized several programs for different districts in Andhra Pradesh to orient participants, including senior officers, MPEO/AEOs, and conveners and co-conveners of RMGs. As of 2003, over 6349 participants have been oriented through these programs. The orientation programs are crucial as they provide insights to the participants to optimize the RMGs. For instance, participants suggested that RMG members may also be involved in video conferences, which will be more effective. Technical dissemination of information to farmers may be taken up through video conferencing, and PowerPoint presentations may be made in Telugu for a better understanding of field-level staff. Look into TDPs official website for live updates and the latest TDP news.

The eligibility for RMG membership is based on the size of the landholding. Tenant farmers like SF/MF are also eligible under this scheme of RMG initiated by N Chandrababu Naidu. The eligibility of tenant farmers will be assessed in the gram Sabha, and they will continue to be a member subject to norms. If the holding size of the sheep, poultry farmers, and fishermen fall under the small and marginal category, the RMG scheme may be considered. Those agricultural laborers who own land or take land on lease are also eligible to become members of the RMG. Farmers who have assigned lands were also eligible to be enrolled as RMG scheme members. This is said to be the biggest achievement of TDP under the supremo of N Chandrababu Naidu.

The RMG scheme has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural sector in Andhra Pradesh. The availability of quality seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides at market yards will enable farmers to improve their crop yield and earn better incomes. This TDP scheme will also benefit small and marginal farmers who may not have the resources to procure quality inputs.

The scheme has been welcomed by farmers and various stakeholders in the agricultural sector. The TDP government's initiative is a significant step towards realizing its vision of a prosperous and self-reliant Andhra Pradesh. N Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts to improve the lives of farmers by providing them with better inputs and access to markets will lead to a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector.

The RMG scheme is a prime example of the TDP government's commitment to the welfare of farmers. N. Chandrababu Naidu has taken several initiatives to support farmers, such as the establishment of the Andhra Pradesh State Agriculture Mission (APSAM) and the provision of free power supply to farmers. The government has also introduced several measures to promote agricultural mechanization, including the establishment of Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) and the provision of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural equipment.

The TDP government's efforts under N Chandrababu Naidu governance to improve the agricultural sector's infrastructure and support systems are critical to the state's economic growth and development. The agricultural sector is the backbone of the state's economy, contributing significantly to its GDP and providing employment opportunities to a large proportion of its population. By supporting farmers and promoting agricultural growth, the TDP government is laying the foundation for a prosperous and self-sufficient Andhra Pradesh.