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Python Institute Certified Associate in Python Programming Sample Questions (Q104-Q109):

Assuming that the following code has been executed successfully, select the expressions which evaluate to True (Select two answers)

  • A. a is not None
  • B. a is b
  • C. b( ) > 2
  • D. a() > 2

Answer: A,C,D

What is the expected output of the following code?

  • A. b
  • B. an exception is raised
  • C. a
  • D. c

Answer: D

What is the expected behavior of the following code?

  • A. it outputs 3
  • B. it raises an exception
  • C. it outputs 6
  • D. it outputs 1

Answer: C

What is the expected output of the following snippet?

  • A. False upper
  • B. False lower
  • C. True lower
  • D. True upper

Answer: C

What is the expected output of the following code?

  • A. abcef
  • B. acdef
  • C. The program will cause a runtime exception error
  • D. abdef

Answer: C



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