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Lost Ark Thronespire Explained: What to do to start, Requirements and Rewards

It is Thronespire is the latest single-player dungeon that is part of the Lost Ark June update. Much like the other dungeons the players' principal goal is to move through a plentitude of floorings in Lost Ark Thronespire to get rewards such as Guardian Stone Crystals, gem chests, Applied Welding and many other. Because it's one of new additions to this game, many gamers are experiencing a difficult to complete the levels. To help, we've put together a full breakdown of how to play the Lost Ark Thronespire dungeon.

How to Begin Lost Ark Thronespire and its Requirements

To get started with Thronespire within Lost Ark, players will have to locate its entrance which is found in every major city in the game. But , first it is possible to get there, you must meet the requirements in order to qualify for the Thronespire Dungeon:

You must have completed the main goal of Punika.

Requires item level 1325 and an combat level of 50.

You must have completed the Towards Power quest.

When you've met these requirements and you're ready to take on a variety of adversaries. As you begin the dungeon you'll meet a number of regular creatures, which are relatively easy to defeat. As you progress through floors, the monsters will become stronger.

As per the rules, you will be given seven minutes to complete each floor. Each level is divided into four gates; at the close of each gate you will have to defeat an Elite. You will be rewarded with unlimited lives, along with the respawn time of 5 seconds. Finally, you will encounter Lost Ark Gold for sale one final boss near the beginning of the Thronespire dungeon.