For thrilling outdoor adventures, you need gear that can keep up with the terrain. That's why BRP Can-Am's off-road vehicles, including their trike Can Am and ATV Can-Am, have become popular choices among off-road enthusiasts. But what makes your ride even better are the right accessories to help transport all your equipment. That's where Factory Recreation's Can-Am ATV LinQ bags, racks, and cargo come in.

The LinQ system is an exclusive tool-less solution that allows you to easily attach and remove accessories from your trike or ATV. With just a few hand movements, you can securely mount a range of cargo bags, fuel caddies, snowboards, or skis onto your vehicle's tunnel. This unique versatility makes the LinQ system a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts.

The LinQ system is also an integrated solution that adds style and convenience to your ride. You don't need to worry about carrying clunky or unsecured cargo. Instead, it's a blend of style, simplicity, and security that makes it the ideal storage system for any off-road adventure.

In addition, the LinQ system is robust and durable, holding up to 4Gs of force. It easily withstands rough terrains, including those found in Canal Off-road areas. It's also designed to be quickly removable, allowing you to customize your vehicle for each ride. 

At Factory Recreation, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of Can-Am ATV LinQ bags, racks, and cargo. We provide quality, service, and commitment to our customers, making us one of Ontario's largest dealers of Ski-doo and Sea-doo recreational vehicles. Our selection of LinQ accessories includes a Soft Storage Bag, LinQ Anchor Adapter Kit for non-Can-Am accessories, LinQ Luggage Rack, LinQ Gun Case, Gun Boot Rack, Tailgate Limiter Kit, Adventure Rack Enclosure, Spare Tire Ratchet Tie-Downs, and more. 

Visit our large showroom and check out all of our accessories, parts, and clothing at great prices. We'll help you make the most of your off-road adventures with Factory Recreation's Can-Am ATV LinQ bags, racks, and cargo.trike can am